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Guide to buying speed skates

Performance is of paramount importance when buying the right speed skates. This is why you should especially focus on the wheel size and the circumstances you plan to use your skates in as well as going for a tight fit. Read this guide to know which conditions can affect your skates’ ability to perform in order for you to pick the right pair - you might just end up cutting off some seconds of your lap time. Speed skates are optimized for high speed and long distances. The main focus is on performance, not comfort, and the goal is to obtain the maximum effect out of every stroke. Speed skates are used for skating in clubs, for competitions as well...

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New inline skates or new wheels?

If you have a pair of poor quality inline skates or the skates are worn out, then it probably is a better choice to buy a new pair of inline skates. In other cases, a better deal would be to buy a new set of wheels. If you already have a pair of inline skates, you might not need to buy new ones. If the wheels are worn down or cracked, it might be enough to just change the wheels, and you are good to go again. In order to answer if you need new skates or just new wheels, you need to consider different factors. Below is an overview of the most important arguments, you can use in your...

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Which type of skates should I choose?

Your choice of skates depends on what you want to use them for. Get a great overview of the different types (fitness rollerblades, roller skates, speed, aggressive, freeskates and derby skates) to be able to make the right choice that will give you a pair of skates to enjoy for a long time.   The different types of skates are all designed for a specific purpose in mind. Some are suitable for regular skating where getting some exercise or just having a chilled ride is the main event (e.g. fitness rollerblades and roller skates), others are designed for more experienced use and/or competition (e.g. speed, aggressive, freeskates and derby). In this guide you will get good insight into the various...

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