New inline skates or new wheels?

If you have a pair of poor quality inline skates or the skates are worn out, then it probably is a better choice to buy a new pair of inline skates. In other cases, a better deal would be to buy a new set of wheels.

If you already have a pair of inline skates, you might not need to buy new ones. If the wheels are worn down or cracked, it might be enough to just change the wheels, and you are good to go again.

In order to answer if you need new skates or just new wheels, you need to consider different factors. Below is an overview of the most important arguments, you can use in your considerations:

New inline skates

1. A pair of cheap inline skates can be less expensive than a set of expensive wheels. A new model of inline skates looks better and maybe even has some new features compared to your old inline skates.
2. If the boots and bearings are so worn, they need a replacement, then it can be a better deal to buy new inline skates.
3. You have improved your skating skills, and therefore you want some better inline skates.
4. A shop is offering inline skates on sale so cheap, that you can buy the skates and take the new wheels and replace your old wheels in your existing inline skates.

New wheels

1. A pair of new inline skates needs some skating time before they fit your feet perfectly. Using your existing inline skates you don't have to go through that again.
2. How fast you can go on your inline skates depends very much on the size and quality of the wheels. If you buy new wheels, you usually get the feeling of skating on new inline skates that easily go faster.
3. The wheels represent up to 80% of the value of new inline skates. For that reason, many manufacturers of inline skates decide to put on wheels of poor quality, in order to sell the inline skates at a low price. If you buy wheels of good quality, your inline skates will usually go faster, feel more comfortable and the wheels will last longer compared to a pair of new inline skates at the same price level as your existing skates.